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Reader Faq

Getting Started:

  1. Browse or search for portfolios of art, to accompany books you are reading.
  2. Register as a Reader.
  3. Purchase your chosen portfolio.
  4. To view your portfolio, access it through the “My Account” section of Gallorey.com. Follow the guidelines within the portfolio to access the images that correspond with different points in the story as you read.


Can I preview a portfolio before purchasing?

Yes. When you click on any portfolio while searching or browsing on Gallorey.com, you’ll be taken to a Portfolio Details page, which will include up to four preview images.


How do I view my purchased portfolios?

While logged in, simply visit the My Account section of Gallorey.com and select the Purchased Portfolios link on the left-hand side. Choose a portfolio to view and follow the prompts.


If I want to look at my portfolio while I’m reading, how will I know when to look at each image?

All Gallorey portfolios come with one or more Tables of Contents, which tell you which illustration in the portfolio corresponds with which page in the book you’re reading. For example, illustration #1 in the portfolio might correspond to a character description, or a fight scene, on page 15 of your book. This way, you can see the illustration right when you’re reading the scene it describes, and you can prevent spoilers by avoiding viewing illustrations from later in the book too soon. Gallorey offers tables of contents for physical books (hard and soft copies), audiobooks, and eBooks. However, not all portfolios support the same book versions, so be sure to check the portfolio details page to see which versions of the book are supported.


What if there isn’t a Table of Contents for the version of the book I’m reading included with a portfolio I want to buy?

There can be many different versions of a given book (hard cover, soft cover, eBook, audiobook, etc.), and the artist who creates the portfolio chooses which versions of the book to include Tables of Contents for. Not all portfolios support the same book versions, so be sure to check the portfolio details page to see which versions of the book are supported. If you’d like to help Gallorey create more Tables of Contents for the books you love, please let us know you want to get involved through the Contact Us form.


What if I’ve already read the book before, and I don’t care about using the Table of Contents in a portfolio?

If you just want to view all the art within a portfolio independently from reading, simply open up the portfolio from your Purchased Portfolios link within the My Account section of Gallorey.com. When prompted, you can select any of the Table of Contents versions, then simply browse through the illustrations in the portfolio at your own pace, ignoring the Table of Contents.


Can I return a portfolio if I don’t like it?

Unfortunately, no. Gallorey provides preview images of every portfolio so that customers can evaluate the style and quality of an artist’s work before deciding to purchase the portfolio. If you have further questions, please contact Customer Service.


What happens if a portfolio I have already purchased gets updated by the artist?

Gallorey allows artists to update and add to their existing portfolios. All users who have previously purchased the portfolios will automatically receive the updates. Each time you view the portfolio from the Purchased Portfolio link in the My Account section of Gallorey.com, you will be viewing the latest version of the portfolio.


Can I download my purchased portfolios and view them offline?

Not at this time.


Can I share my purchased portfolios?

Each portfolio on Gallorey.com has a portfolio details page, which includes text descriptions and preview images from the portfolio. This page has a social sharing function, and can be shared on a variety of social media. However, it is a violation of Gallorey’s End User License Agreement to share the illustrations within a portfolio online. Doing so is damaging to the value of the portfolio.


What if I can’t find a portfolio for my book?

If you can’t find a portfolio for the book you are reading, this likely means that the book hasn’t been illustrated by Gallorey artists yet. You can let Gallorey know that you’d like to see the book illustrated by searching for the title, and then following the prompts on the “No Results Found” page to suggest the book. The more times the book is suggested by Gallorey users, the more likely it is that Gallorey artists will illustrate for it.


Can I buy books on Gallorey.com?

No. Gallorey.com is a marketplace for artistic portfolios, which are created as supplements/companions to existing literary works. Users will need to purchase books elsewhere.


Will every portfolio I purchase have the same number of images?

No. Gallorey believes that portfolio design is best left to the discretion of the artist. Please check the portfolio details to confirm the number of images contained in the portfolio prior to buying.

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