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Artist Faq

How does it work?

Artists create portfolios of original illustrations inspired by existing literary works. Gallorey.com acts as an open marketplace for artists and fans to connect, communicate, and complete sales and purchases of portfolios. Artists choose which books to illustrate for, make all artistic decisions about the composition of their portfolios, and set their own prices. Portfolios are sold in digital format, directly to customers.


Is it for me?

If you are an artist with a love of literature, regardless of genre, you will be a perfect fit for our community! Gallorey is always looking for more artists who are passionate about creating original illustrations inspired by their favorite books.


How do I sign up as an artist?

Follow the link in the upper right hand corner of the Gallorey.com home page to register as a basic user. Once you have completed the user registration, you will see an “Upgrade to Seller Account” button appear at the bottom of all pages, as long as you are logged in. Click this button and follow the steps to upgrade to your seller account.


What is the process for an artist who submits portfolios to Gallorey.com?

  • Artists create portfolios using their own tools, and make the portfolios available for digital consumption by uploading to Gallorey.com. To get started now, register on Gallorey.com, then upgrade to a Seller account and visit the My Account page. From there, you can navigate to the Create Portfolio page by clicking the link on the left-hand side.
  • For more information on portfolio creation, please review the Portfolio Creation Guidelines document.


How do I know which books people want to see illustrations for?

Gallorey collects and maintains this data from users, and shares it with artists periodically through email-based communications. If you haven’t received this data from us yet, feel free to request it through the Contact Us form on Gallorey.com.


What happens if there are many different published versions of a book I’m illustrating for, and they all have different page numbers?

Multiple tables of contents can be created: one for each version of the book (i.e. hardcover, softcover, eBook, and Audiobook). See Portfolio Creation Guidelines document for details.


Why does Gallorey ask for Tables of Contents to be created based on page numbers, rather than by chapter?

We realize that creating tables of contents by page number presents a challenge for artists when many versions of a book exist. However, for the adult Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Terror, and other genres, our users find illustrations more impactful when viewed at exactly the time that the scene which inspired the illustration unfolds. Additionally, this exact linking of illustrations to text prevents the possibility of a reader accidentally spoiling the ending of the book, or a surprise twist in the story, by viewing an illustration too early.


If you are illustrating for children’s books, it may be appropriate to create a Table of Contents which links your illustrations to chapters only, thus avoiding the task of creating multiple tables of contents for many book versions.


Once I upload my portfolio, how long will it take before it is available for purchase?

Portfolio postings are reviewed by Gallorey for quality assurance before being activated for sale. This process is typically completed within the same business day that you submit your portfolio, but can take up to three business days.


How will people find my portfolio?

Gallorey offers a robust search functionality, as well as several different browsing options. Users can search for art based on the books they are reading, search or browse by artist, browse by featured or popular portfolios, etc. Regarding external advertising, Gallorey advertises through many different venues which target consumers of fan art, as well as fans of the books for which our artists illustrate.


How will I be paid for sales of my portfolio?

Artists receive a flat percentage (80%) of each gross portfolio sale as commission, minus the cost of credit card processing.


What am I charged for credit card processing?

Gallorey currently uses PayPal for credit card processing. Please check PayPal’s website for specific information regarding fees.


Do I maintain the rights to my work?

Yes. However, please be aware that posting all images within a portfolio for free on social media or other sites may erode the value of your portfolio on Gallorey.com, thus eating away at your sales. Gallorey also asks that you do not sell illustrations from your Gallorey portfolio on other sites. See the full Artist Agreement here.



Can I sell my portfolio elsewhere?

Gallorey’s policy is that you do not sell or display illustrations from your Gallorey portfolio on other sites. However, Gallorey recognizes that you may want to promote teaser or preview illustrations from your portfolio on social media or other sites, sell prints at trade shows, etc. We are willing to consider exemptions to the exclusivity policy, however exemptions will be considered and awarded on a case by case basis. If you would like to request an exemption, please Contact Us with the details of what you would like to sell or display, and through what other venues.


When a customer purchases my portfolio, are they buying the rights to it?

No. Customers are purchasing the right to view the digital portfolio only.


Can a customer return a portfolio they have purchased from me for a refund?

No. Since portfolios are a digital product, all the value is delivered as soon as the portfolio is viewed. Customers can view preview images to assess the quality of the portfolio prior to buying, and are advised upon purchase that the sale is final – so return requests should be minimal. If you have an escalating issue with a customer, please feel free to engage Gallorey customer service to help you resolve the situation.


How is my work protected from piracy?

Gallorey uses several layers of security to prevent inappropriate use of artists’ copyrighted material. Security measures include right-click protection and blocking accessibility of illustrations through direct links (don’t worry – it’s still easy for users who have purchased portfolios to view the images), which help to prevent unauthorized sharing online. Gallorey also requires all users to register each device from which they access their Gallorey account. This helps to prevent unauthorized account access.


Is there a blurb about Gallorey that I can use to promote my portfolio on my website and social media?

Yes, please feel free to share the following language alongside any promotion you do for your Gallorey portfolios: “Gallorey is a new startup whose online service allows artists to sell original fan art inspired by the characters, creatures, and worlds of their favorite books – providing readers with a selection of artistic portfolios which have been curated specifically for the books they are reading.”


Can my fans/customers buy prints or physical copies of my portfolios through Gallorey?

Not at this time. However, if there is a large demand for this service, we will work to add it as a feature to our site. Please let us know if your customers are asking you for this.


What about copyright infringement?

Artists are responsible for complying with U.S. Copyright law. Gallorey cannot provide legal guidance, and only provides a venue for artists to connect with users. For more information, review the Artist Agreement.


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